LiTFSI | Lithium Bis(trifloromethanesulphonyl)imide

Today, we are the main and the largest provider of the product LiTFSI with high and stable quality (>99.9%) in China. With continuous in-depth R&Ds as well as its applications, some special good characteristics of LiTFsI and its derivatives were found, which are going to be used in large scale gradually. Furthermore, we also make and supply TFSI deviration products such as NaTFSI and KTFSI to meet some special areas.

As everyone knows, LiTFSI was first developed to be used in the lower-temperature electrolyte which can perform an excellent rechargable cycling functions even though at -20℃. In the field of electrolytes, LiTFSI has already been gradually and widely recognized to be used. Later, with the continuous performances excavation, LiTFsI was further developed to be used in antistatic, ionic liquids directly or other fields indirectly such as rare-earth seperation, medium of liquid piston in hydrogen station, ion gel and so on.  

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Lithium Bis(trifloromethanesulphonyl)imide


Sodium Bis(trifloromethansulphonyl)imide


Potasium Bis(trimethanesulphonyl)imide



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